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Virtual Visits

Exciting news!

We now offer video visits and text e-visits for non-emergency needs. We are able to offer you advice on home care and if/when your child needs to be seen in person.

What services are offered?
Acute care services for select concerns (rashes, bug bites, pink eye)
Triage services (helping parents decide if something needs to be addressed immediately, or if it can wait until the following day)
What do I need to do to schedule a virtual video visit or a text e-visit?
For either a video virtual visit or a text e-visit, a strong wireless internet connection or cell service connection is required. Since some text e-visits may be need to be converted to a virtual video visit, you should be prepared to enable your camera and microphone on your device, as needed, as well.
How much does a virtual visit cost?
Some insurance companies cover the cost of virtual video visits, so so for those visits, we will file the visit with your insurance company. If they decline to cover, or if you are self-pay, the cost of a video virtual visit is $59. Text e-visits, on the other hand, do not involve any kind of video evaluation…it’s simply a text exchange in real-time with one of our providers, to manage simple issues. These text e-visits are not covered by insurance, so the cost of these for all patients, regardless of whether or not you have insurance, will be $50 charged at the time of service.
What if I have more than one child that needs a virtual visit?
Multiple children may be seen in succession, but each visit will be handled separately, and each visit will be billed separately.
What are the hours for virtual visits? 
Virtual Visits are available many days starting as early as 5am up until 10pm or midnight on weekdays, and evening hours are available on most weekends. To check availability in real time, click on the button that says “Book virtual visit now”.
Other telemedicine companies will diagnose things like strep throat, ear infections, and UTI’s, and even prescribe antibiotics for them. Why won’t Pediatric Housecalls?
In some instances, it may be appropriate to diagnose and prescribe medications based on a virtual visit for your child. In those instances, we can easily send an electronic prescription to a pharmacy of your choice. If you need a note for work or school, we can help with that too! Some conditions, however, like ear infections, strep throat, and UTI’s, require an in-person visit to make an accurate diagnosis, but our virtual visit providers can help you determine that and even arrange for an in-person follow-up house call, if appropriate.