Virtual Visits

Exciting news!

We have started offering virtual visits for ESTABLISHED Pediatric Housecalls patients as an alternative to a house call, in certain circumstances.

What services are offered?
Acute care services for select concerns (rashes, bug bites, pink eye)
Triage services (helping parents decide if something needs to be addressed immediately, or if it can wait until the following day)
What do I need to do to schedule an e-visit?
A strong wireless internet connection
Webcam (can be the built-in camera on your phone, laptop, or tablet)
How much does a virtual visit cost?
Some insurance companies cover the cost of virtual visits. Since you are an established patient, we have your insurance information, and will file the visit for you. If your insurance company declines to cover, or if you are self-pay, the maximum out-of-pocket you will be charged is $59 per visit.
What if I have more than one child that needs a virtual visit?
Multiple children may be seen in succession, but each visit will be handled separately, and each visit will be billed separately.
What are the hours for virtual visits? 
Hours vary from day to day. To view availability of our providers for a virtual visit, and to initiate the visit, please click on any of the “schedule” buttons on our website. You will be re-directed to our scheduling site where you can view each provider’s availability for virtual visits, in real-time.
Other telemedicine companies will diagnose things like strep throat, ear infections, and UTI’s, and even prescribe antibiotics for them. Why won’t Pediatric Housecalls?
At this time, technology limits us from making those kinds of diagnoses remotely. It is neither safe nor appropriate, for patients to be prescribed an antibiotic for certain conditions without an in-person physical exam.