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Car Seat Concierge

Sara Dumond May 31, 2017

Studies reveal that up to 90% of child car seats are installed incorrectly.
Studies also reveal that accidents are the #1 cause of childhood deaths.
So why don’t we spend more time addressing this?
Simply put, the resources out there are difficult to find, time is in short supply, and it often falls into the category of things that sound something like, “Well, we never rode in car seats when we were little, and we turned out ok.” But…when we know better, we do better.

Now you have your very own local Charlotte-area car seat resource in Pediatric Housecalls!

Who should consider a Car Seat Concierge Appointment?

  • Expectant parents who want to ensure they have installed their infant car seat correctly before bringing baby home from the hospital.
  • Any parent wanting to confirm that their seat(s) are installed correctly
  • Any parent who is unsure about the safest seating arrangement for multiple car seats for multiple children
  • Any parent who is unsure about when their child is ready to turn forward-facing, or change from one kind of car seat to another
  • Grandparents or nannies who frequently transport children and are looking for extra education and installation help

We are certified by Safe Kids World Wide as a CPS technician, which means that we are committed to staying up to date with the most recent crash test information and recalls, and have undergone specific training and passed hands-on tests to achieve this certification.


$155 for a 1-hour appointment: Includes car seat installation, teaching, and anticipatory guidance for unlimited car seats and as many cars as your home routinely uses. **Current Pediatric Housecalls service areas in NC and SC only.

Utilize this service for your own family, and/or consider gifting this valuable service for your expectant friends and family members.

Ready to schedule your Car Seat Concierge appointment today? Fill out the form below, and we will contact you to set up an appointment time at your home.

Here is the information that needs to be collected in the form:

  • Ages of children
  • Year, Make, and model of all cars that you would like to be included in the evaluation
  • Make and model of car seat(s)