Healthy Housecalls



Are you interested in taking stock of your family’s health? Are you concerned about your child’s/family’s eating habits but not sure what the best first step is? Do you have a family history of things like heart disease, diabetes, or obesity? Do you desire a fit, active, healthy life for your child and your family without battles or stress? Do you feel like you’ve finally found a fitness and dietary regimen for yourself but not sure how this translates to the rest of your family? If any of these things ring true for you, Healthy Housecalls is here to help!


A board-certified PNP with decades of experience caring for children and families, with a special interest in nutrition and fitness will come to you! Yes, our healthcare provider will make a house call to address all of these issues, because your home is the best place to gauge the many layers and complicated circumstances that contribute to your family’s success in ultimately achieving long-lasting, sustainable change.


  • A Healthy Start - $150

    One-hour in-home initial consult with board-certified pediatric provider to assess current weight and nutritional status, including blood pressure and arrangement for any applicable labs to screen for insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol, and metabolic abnormalities. Also includes a follow-up in-home visit to discuss lab results.

  • Healthy Habits - $100/month

    Essentially monthly health coaching and includes a customized exercise plan for your child (that can include the whole family, when/if applicable), goal-setting, education, virtual monitoring of dietary measures, and weekly email and/or phone check-ins. Also includes unlimited texting with the nurse practitioner to address questions as they arise.

  • Add-ons - $60 each

    1. Home pantry and refrigerator organization, involving the whole family to encourage healthy eating.

    2. Cooking and food prep session with board-certified pediatric provider, focusing on sustainable, easy recipes and tips for busy families. Group options available for friends/neighbors.
    Minimum of 5 people, $15 per person.